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Please note that this is the outdated version of Outbound.  The newest version can be found at www.aimint.org/outbound2014
You are at the beginning of your journey with AIM International.
We come from diverse backgrounds and have had differing experiences, but we are all on a journey and are all lifelong learners.
Three-Stage Orientation
There are three stages of orientation. You will have attended (or will shortly attend) the first stage - Home Based Orientation - in your mobilising region; this will orientate you to AIM International and to the things you need to know before you go. The second stage is Africa Based Orientation (ABO); this is three weeks in Kenya and addresses many cross cultural issues in an African context. Finally, the third stage is Induction into your country and area of ministry. The resource you will use for this is Inbound - modules that you will work through with a facilitator over a period of two years, addressing things specific to your ministry and to ministry with AIM.
Outbound is a tool to help you prepare for your new life and ministry and beyond. It complements the first stage of orientation. It is designed in such a way that a more in depth study of the topics will enable you meet five of your Biblical and Missiological Training Requirements if you haven’t already done so. See below.
There are two main strands to Outbound:

For families there is Outbound for Families

Content of Discipleship Strand

Content of Missiology Strand
You are required to take a Perspectives course which will cover various aspects of missiology.

You can either find a course that is being held near you (the best way), or you can do a three week or one week intensive course, or you can study the course online. Find out about Perspectives here.
You are accountable to your facilitator for completing this course.
If you have already studied a course on missiology, you may not be required to take the Perspectives course. Your Mobilising Region will assess and give you guidance about this.
Outbound for Families
Preparing your family
There is a section in this programme for you to help prepare your family for leaving their home country and adjusting to life in Africa. We ask you to work through this for yourselves as parents and for your children of all ages.
Singles and couples with no children– there is lots in this section that is fun and applicable for you too. Take a look – and especially work through “Off We Go”.
Required Reading
Cross Cultural Connections – Duane Elmer
The Church is Bigger than you think – Patrick Johnstone
Families on the Move – by Marion Knell (Outbound for Families)  

Your church and AIM International will discuss with you the choice of a facilitator to be a guide and mentor whilst working through the discipleship strand (and the family strand if applicable) of Outbound. You should cover each section, but concentrate on the areas in which you know you do not have so much experience.
You are accountable to your facilitator for for completion of modules (at whatever agreed level) and for the reading.

The facilitator is accountable to the designated AIM person who asked them to work alongside you.

We realise that your time before leaving could get quite busy. Please make Outbound a priority in the months ahead. The more effort you put into the reading and assignments the better prepared you will be for your new life and ministry.  
Enjoy your learning!
Meeting your AIM International Bible Requirements
Within these strands you will be able to complete five of the Bible Requirements if needed.

 Discipleship Strand
Study of Inductive Bible Study Methods
Study in Christian Formation and the Spiritual Disciplines
Study of the principles of Christian Education and Communication including their application in a cross cultural setting

Perspectives Strand
Study of the Biblical perspective on Missions, and Practical Missiology
Study of the History of Missions