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Africa Inland Mission believes the call to missions is a call to prayer.

Prayer is where it all begins. It’s where each of us can play an essential role in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – petitioning God on behalf of the unreached, the church, and missionaries serving in often difficult places and situations. Many men and women have begun home prayer groups for AIM’s ministry. Our prayer publications keep you up to date on specific prayer needs. AIM’s Adopt-A-People program enables families, small groups, or entire churches to focus on a specific unreached people group through prayer. As we pray, all of us can be involved in missions – no matter where we are, who we are, or what we do for a living.

Short-Term Prayer Teams
Sometimes it’s difficult to pray for something unless you really understand it. Short-term prayer teams put you on the ground, right in the midst of missions, and give you the opportunity to pray for specific needs you see around you – for missionaries serving full time, for new believers growing in their faith, for strongholds and other obstacles that impede ministry. And when you arrive home, you’ll carry with you far more than some souvenirs and some great photos. You’ll carry a far deeper understanding of how you can pray for real people, real places, and real needs. And who knows, you might be reaching for that passport of yours again sooner than you think.

Home Prayer Groups
Flip on the coffee. Straighten the pillows on the couch. Encourage Sparky not to bark when the doorbell rings. Tonight, you and the others pray for Africa....

As the host of a Home Prayer Group, you can play a vital role in AIM’s outreach in Africa. Home Prayer Groups meet around the country, and God is working through the prayers of these faithful partners. AIM can provide you with materials to hold meaningful times of prayer for Africa’s unreached peoples, Africa’s church, and the many men and women serving through AIM’s ministries. Contact us for more information on how you can be a part of a Home Prayer Group ministry.

Adopt-A-People program

Your family, small group, Sunday school class, or church can focus your prayer efforts on a specific unreached people group through AIM’s Adopt-A-People program. Through periodic updates about the people group you’ve chosen to pray for, you’ll begin to gain an understanding of the group’s culture and their needs. You’ll learn of new outreaches among them, and you might even become involved in those outreaches through giving, or by getting involved in cross-cultural ministry yourself. Several of AIM’s missionaries got their start by their initial involvement in the Adopt-A-People Program.

Prayer Publications
AIM’s free monthly prayer guide, Fuel for Prayer Fires, provides you with daily prayer requests for AIM personnel and ministries in Africa and around the world. You can receive it by mail, or you can read daily requests right here on our website (Option to click to subscribe or link to Fuel request of the day)

Our magazine, AIM International is published four times a year, and provides articles that will help you gain a better understanding of how God is working in Africa, and will equip you to pray more strategically.

Field Notes – If your church supports one or more AIM missionaries they can receive as many copies of AIM’s church bulletin insert, Field Notes, as they need. Field Notes is published quarterly and is distributed free of charge to our partner churches who request it. Each issue features articles highlighting one or more of AIM’s ministries.

E-connect@frica is a periodic e-newsletter that provides prayer requests, articles, opportunities to serve, and links to resources. Subscribe today to get up-to-date mission information in your email inbox.

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